General Announcement: Call for Submissions - Special Edition: Critical Service Learning

The Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education

Special Edition Announcement & Call for Submissions


The Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education and Indiana Campus Compact are partnering for a special edition dedicated to Critical Service-Learning. Critical service-learning is an approach to community engagement that prioritizes attention to social change by interrogating systems and structures of inequality, questioning the distribution of power, and seeking to develop authentic relationships among students, faculty,  community partners and members (Mitchell, 2008).


This special issue intends to highlight research that explores critical service-learning experiences or the relationship between service-learning and social justice. Case studies that emphasize critical service-learning experiences, detail efforts to employ a critical service-learning framework, or offer constructive critique that may move a community engagement project towards a more critical or social justice focused practice would also be welcomed. Scholarly pieces reflecting on critical community engaged practices, challenging higher education and/or the service-learning/community engagement field, and outlining progressive models for community engaged work will also be considered.


The Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education is an online, refereed journal concerned with exploring community engagement and community-based learning perspectives, research, and practice. The journal publishes accounts of a range of research focusing on practical and theoretical insights and understanding, in higher education and across the disciplines and professions. There is a focus on case studies emphasizing community engagement and engaged learning practices, methodology, and pedagogy. The journal aims to establish and maintain a review of the literature of research and practice. It also provides a forum for dialogue on methodological and epistemological issues, enabling different approaches to be subjected to critical reflection and analysis.


Indiana Campus Compact is a 501(c)(3) partnership of institutions of higher education committed to joining forces with community organizations to actualize their joint commitment to community-campus engagement for systematic change toward a healthier democracy. Indiana Campus Compact is committed to advancing the field of service-learning and community engagement, has a long history of supporting community engaged scholarship through coaching, publishing, and encouraging engaged scholars to expand their work through a critical lens.


Scholars and practitioners of critical service-learning and social justice are invited to submit manuscripts no later than November 30, 2018. Authors Guidelines are available at


When submitting to the journal, you will see a field called COMMENTS TO THE EDITOR. Please include the phrase “Special Edition: Critical Service-Learning” in this message.


If you have questions about the special edition, please contact Tania D. Mitchell, Guest Editor, at


If you other questions about the JCEHE, please contact Dr. Catherine Stemmans Paterson, Editor, The Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education.



Mitchell, T. D. (2008). Traditional vs. critical service-learning: Engaging the literature to differentiate two models. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, 14(2), 50–65.