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Servage, Laura, Arts Pedagogy and Innovation Laboratory, Faculty of the Arts, University of Alberta (Canada)
Sessa, Valerie I., Montclair State University (United States)
Sgoutas-Emch, Sandra, University of San Diego (United States)
Shannon, Crystal C., Indiana University Northwest (United States)
Shiller, Jessica
Siems, Monica, University of Minnesota Twin Cities (United States)
Sigler, Tracey Honeycutt, Northern Kentucky university (United States)
Silverman, Deborah, Buffalo State University
Simpson, Amber, Indiana University (United States)
Sleegers, Frank, University of Massachusetts Amherst (United States)
Sloan, Christina M.
Spangler, Bruce W., Volunteer Ministry Center (United Kingdom)
Spring, Erin, Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary (Canada)
Srivastava, Rakhi, Rakhi Srivastava, MOT Xavier University Department of Occupational Therapy 3800 Victory Parkway Cincinnati, OH 45207 (United States)
Starke, Jr., Anthony M, University of Colorado Denver
Steele, Lucy, Limestone University
Stevens, Douglas
Stewart, Alexander R, Widener University (United States)
Stewart, Autumn L, Duquesne University
Stewart, M Kathryn
Stewart, Trae
Strains, Steve, Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (United States)
Strawser, Colton C, University of San Diego University of Texas – Arlington (United States)
Sweeney, Robert J., Wright State University (United States)
Syer, Tina, Positive Coaching Alliance (United States)
Szarleta, Ellen, Indiana University Northwest


Tapley, Howell, Department of Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation Indiana State University
Tapley, Stasia
Taylor, James E.
Taylor, Jessica Averitt, Northern Kentucky University
Taylor, John Robert, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (United States)
Terlecki, Melissa
Thompson, Carla J., University of West Florida (United States)
Tinkler, Alan, Missouri State University (United States)
Tinkler, Barri, Missouri State University
Tofte, Elizabeth, South Dakota State University
Tomko, John R, Duquesne University
Transue, Judith Anne, Trinity Village Non Profit Housing Corporation (United States)
Travers, Kristen
Traylor, Sara E., Bethel University
Tremblay, Melissa, University of Alberta (Canada)
Truelove, Heather Barnes, University of North Florida Department of Psychology
Truitt, Maggie, Xavier University (United States)
Tucker, Erin, Louisiana Tech University (United States)
Tyran, Kristi Lewis, Western Washington University (United States)


Ugoretz, Serena B, Wartburg College (United States)
Unger, Daniel, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas (United States)
Ursick, Marissa (United States)


Valencia-Garcia, Nelson Omar, Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah
Valentine, Peggy

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