Migration and Integration in Germany – A Multi-and Transcultural, Critical Experiential Learning Approach Toward 21st Century Global Civic Skills

Sabine Hirschauer, Regina Karp, Michele Kekeh, Muge Akpinar-Elci


This two-year, quantitative study analyzes students’ experiences during migration experiential-learning study-abroad programs in 2017 and 2018 in Munich, Germany. U.S. students worked with German refugee organizations to gain a more comprehensive understanding about the political, social, and cultural complexity of Europe’s current migration debate. Grounded theory-based, this study’s inferences expand on Dan Butin’s innovative 2015 practice-to-theory, critical service-learning approach toward multi- and transcultural adaptability, balanced reciprocity, and social justice.


refugees, service learning, Europe, culture, social justice

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