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Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, University of Idaho (United States)
Abenir, Mark Anthony Dayot, University of Santo Tomas
Abrams, Carolyn, UC Davis Center for Regional Change
Agans, Jennifer P., Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research, Cornell University (United States)
Ahlgrim-Delzell, Lynn
Akpinar-Elci, Muge, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia (United States)
Al-Haboubi, Muhammad H., King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (Saudi Arabia)
Al-Zahrani, Mesfer M., King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (Saudi Arabia)
Alexander, Kristine, University of Lethbridge (Canada)
Alfares, Hesham K, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (Saudi Arabia)
Alviz, Kristina, University of Minnesota (United States)
Amerson, Roxanne, Clemson University (United States)
Anderson, Jennifer June, Indiana University Northwest Indiana University School of Social Work (United States)
Andrade, Maureen Snow (United States)
Arches, Joan, University of Massachusetts boston (United States)
Arellanes, Jordan A, Illinois State University
Arends, Jessica, The Pennsylvania State University (United States)
Ash, Sarah L., North Carolina State University (United States)
Avila, Elizabeth
Avila, Yvette
Azzahir, Atum, Cultural Wellness Center, Minneapolis, MN


Baker, Vicki L, Albion College (United States)
Barnes, Meghan, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Bartel, Anna Sims, Cornell University
Bartleet, Brydie-Leigh, Griffith University, Qld (Australia)
Barton, Jennifer M, University of North Florida Department of Psychology
Bates, Karin L, Intercambio Uniting Communities (United States)
Bates, Laura Raidonis, Indiana State University (United States)
Bauserman, Kathryn L., Indiana State University (United States)
Becker, Jonathan Adam, Bard College (United States)
Benenson, Jodi, University of Nebraska Omaha (United States)
Bennett, Dawn, Curtin University, Western Australia (Australia)
Benthem, Gary, Terra Centre for Teen Parents (Canada)
Berkey, Becca, Northeastern University (United States)
Bermudez, Miranda, University of Northern Colorado (United States)
Berryhill, Micha Blake, The University of Alabama (United States)
Black, Jill D, Widener University (United States)
Blanchard, Lynn, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Blanchard, Lynn, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (United States)
Bonnan-White, Jess, Stockton University (United States)
Borchardt, Jamie, Tarleton State University (United States)
Bowen, Glenn A, Barry University (United States)
Brammer, Leila, Gustavus Adolphus College
Bredow, Timothy, Bethel University
Brewster, Kendra, Providence College (United States)
Briley, Chiquita A., Mississippi State University (United States)
Brophy, Martina (Ireland)
Brown, Angela Jackson, Ball State University Department of English
Bruyere, Brett L., Colorado State University (United States)
Bryant-Scott, Kenzalia, University of Houston (United States)

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