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Haack, Sally, Drake University
Haber-Curran, Paige, Texas State University
Haile, Amy, Champions for Children (United States)
Hains, Bryan Jason, University of Kentucky (United States)
Hains, Kristina Dian, University of Kentucky (United States)
Hall, Anna, Clemson University (United States)
Halsell, Michele W., The Pennsylvania State University (United States)
Hamerton, Heather Ruth, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology (New Zealand)
Hamilton, Cathy
Hammer, Brent, University of Alberta (Canada)
Harden, Susan, Charlotte Harden, Ph. D. University of North Carolina Charlotte (United States)
Harkins, Debra, Suffolk University (United States)
Harris, Mary, Cabrini College (United States)
Hathaway, Wendy, University of Florida
Health Action Team, Circle of Healing, Cultural Wellness Center, Minneapolis, MN (United States)
Hearst, Mary O., St. Catherine's University (United States)
Hearst, Mary O., University of Minnesota (United States)
Heavy Runner, Tesla
Heiselt, April K., Mississippi State University (United States)
Helfenbein, Robert J, Loyola University Maryland
Hemer, Kevin M., University of Colorado Boulder
Henare, Sharlene, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology (New Zealand)
Hendrick, Andrea, AmplifyGR (United States)
Henrickson, Ashley, University of Lethbridge
Hibbert, Alicia, University of Alberta (Canada)
Hirschauer, Sabine, New Mexico State University (United States)
Hoffman, August, Metropolitan State University (United States)
Hopkins, Courtney A., Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Psychiatry (United States)
Hunter, Rosemarie, University of Utah (United States)
Huston, Natasha, Clayton State University

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