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Ma, Kin M, Grand Valley State University (United States)
Mack, Amy, University of Alberta (Canada)
Macke, Caroline
Maksymec, Zorian
Malaby, Mark, Ball State University (United States)
Malm, Eric, Cabrini College (United States)
Manning-Ouellette, Amber, Oklahoma State University (United States)
Manzo, Rosa D., University of California, Davis (United States)
Mao, Li, Department of Educational Policy Studies, University of Alberta (Canada)
Markham, Paul Nolin, Western Kentucky University (United States)
Martin, Lauren, University of Minnesota (United States)
Martin, Matthew Robert, Central Connecticut State University
Mason, Suzanne, Emory University (United States)
Masterson, Sarah, College of the HolyCross
McArthur, Polly M., Polly M. McArthur PhD, RN is a retired clinical assistant professor, at the College of Nursing, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Her forty-year career was devoted to serving persons/families in rural and underserved communities. (United States)
McBride, Casey, University of South Florida College of Public Health (United States)
McBride, Mikle, Centinela Valley Union High School District
McCollough, Christopher Jon, Columbus State University (United States)
McCollough, Christopher J, Columbus State University (United States)
McCullough, Theresa, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
McGowan, John E., Emory University (United States)
McKenzie, Michael
McLaughlin, Erin, Cabrini College (United States)
Melville, Kathleen, 920 Wharton St, Philadelphia PA 19147
Mendola, Annette, University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville (United States)
Merritt, Jennfer Cutler, University of Virginia (United States)
Mitchell, Tania D., University of Minnesota
Mitchell, Tania, University of Minnesota Twin Cities (United States)
Mixer, Sandra J, College of Nursing, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (United States)
Molder, Robert G, University of Virginia Department of Psychology
Montgomery, Sarah E, University of Northern Iowa
Montgomery, Zak Kane, Wartburg College (United States)
Montgomery, Zak K, Wartburg College (United States)
Moretto, Kristin
Mthethwa-Sommers, Shirley, Nazareth College of Rochester (United States)
Murphy, Sara A.
Murtadha, Khaula, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (United States)

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